4D Paint

Compatible with R20, R21, S22.118+, R23.110+ and S24 on both OSX (Intel and M1) and Windows

Includes the following

  • 4D Paint Brushes
    • Paint with stamps
    • Paint with stencils
  • Material View
    • Create new materials
    • UV map uvs
    • Transfer UVs, and the textures, to new materials
    • select edge uvs
    • Transfer data from sculpt layer to textures
    • Add channels and layers across multiple materials simultaneously for an object.
  • Layer View
    • View and create layers using a photoshop style layout view.
  • Samp Stencil View
    • A Stamps and stencils view based on set folders on disk.
    • Works with painting and sculpting tools.
  • Texture View
    • View multiple material textures, and their uvs, on the currently selected object.
  • Vector Graphics System

License locked to your hardware.

Comes with Painting and Vector layouts

Full documentation can be found here.


  • Paint with a sculpting style workflow to paint using stamps, stencils and symmetry.
  • Lets you work in a UDIM style fashion
  • Has new views to work with materials and bodypaint layers in a Photoshop style way
  • Use the content browser with all sculpt based brushes to easily let you set your working stamp and stencil.
  • Includes a faster vertex painting brush to let you paint smoothly over millions of polygons with no delays, as well as project stencil and stamps directly onto your vertex maps.
  • Texture transfer and remapping features to move UVs from one space to another and keep all your painting detail.
  • UV mapping tools
  • Includes a vector graphics system for creating animated materials
  • And a whole lot more

Plugins included in 4D Paint

4D Paint Bundle

Painting and texturing tools

Paint Brushes

Paint using stamps and stencils in the viewport.

Material View

UV editing, Material creation and texturing tools.

Content View

Set the current Stamp or Stencil.

Layer View

New layer view for painting

Vector Graphics


Projection Painting

Part of the 4D Paint tools


Part of the 4D Paint and Vector tools


Texture Remapping

Part of the 4D Paint Tools

Preferences and Layouts

  • Under Edit->Preferences you will find a “Plugins 4D” section. From here you can set the settings for all the 4D Paint tools
    • In Samp Stencil View you can set your stamps and stencils folder locations
    • In Material View you can specify your default texture resolution when creating new channels and layers.
  • Make sure to install the layouts from the Zip file into your Cinema 4D/library/layout folder.

Getting Started Guide

Forough Amirshahi Portrait

By Elise Tak (

Wardrobe Zombie

By Elise Tak (www.elisetak.com)