Plugin Manager


The Plugin Manager lets you check that a plugins are installed and what version it is.

This plugin is automatically installed by the installers for each product.

It is also responsible for creating the Plugins 4D menu.

Plugins 4D Menu

It will add a menu to C4D called “Plugins 4D” where all your active plugins will add their items to.

From this menu you can open the Plugins 4D Manager. This will list all the plugins you have installed as well as their version number.

From the Plugins 4D menu you will also have access to the Help via the Show Help menu item.

You can also disable this Plugins 4D menu from your preferences.

  • Just go to Edit->Preferences and find the Plugins 4D entry
  • Click on the Plugins 4D entry
  • You will see an option 'Show Top Menu'
  • Uncheck this box and restart C4D and the Plugins 4D menu will no longer appear

Plugins 4D Preferences

In the Edit->Preferences->Plugins 4D menu all the addition preferences, for any of our other plugins, will be grouped underneath this same menu for easier management of all your settings.