4D Paint

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Upgrading your bodypaint workfLows

4D Paint includes workflow tools and UI to help streamline your work in Cinema 4D and BodyPaint. Including a custom Material View, a new Layer View and specialised UDIM workflows to help you work with textures across multiple materials on a single object.

Along with the new UI features, we are also building new paint brushes, texturing tools and workflows to help streamline your painting experience in Cinema 4D.


4D Paint includes custom paint brushes built on top of the sculpting system to give you the ability to paint using stencils and stamps with symmetry.

  • Paint over stencils in the viewport and project directly onto your models in real-time

  • Paint using stamps

  • Use all the symmetry settings from the sculpting system.

  • Falloffs, edge detection, spacing, steady stroke… everything a sculpting brush does you can do with the painting system.

Don’t have the sculpting system?

Are you a prime, visualise or broadcast user? No worries, we got you covered. 4D Paint includes a real-time projection painting brush just for you that lets you paint using a new Vector Canvas in the viewport, works similar to the stencils in the sculpting system. We included a simplified stamp system for you as well.

Brand new UI

We are re-writing the way you interact and work with textures and materials within Cinema 4D. Adding in new workflows to let you create and manage all your materials, textures and layers.

New Layer System

A completely new layer system to allow better visualisation of the layers and textures you are working on.

Material Management

A new Material View to let you inspect and work with multiple materials on a single model. It lets you work with and paint over multiple materials with special layer features allowing you to paint on the same layer over all materials.

UDIM workflows

Specialized workflows for importing UDIM textures from other applications. Easily import all your textures, for multiple UDIMs, into C4D and have the 4D Paint system create new materials, selection tags and setup everything for you.

Once imported you can then paint over all your UDIMs using any of the 4D Paint Brushes.

It all just works.

Remap from multiple objects/materials to one material.

Do you have a character that is using multiple materials but you need them to be only on one? Then jump right in and use the new texture remapping features to map multiple objects onto a single material and watch it re-sample every layer, on every channel, down onto a brand new material immediately ready for use.

Remapping Textures

Need to move some UVs to their own material but don’t want to paint it all again? Once again, we got you covered. We have included tools to allow you to extract UVs to a new material and bring across all the painting done on every layer in every channel on your materials.

Works with BodyPaint

Don’t want to work with our new UI? Not a problem. The brushes also work with the BodyPaint UI as well. Select channels and layers in the BodyPaint interface, multi-channel painting, different color per channel etc… do all this with the power of using stencil, stamps and symmetry in your workflows.

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4D Paint comes with the following plugins and features. Click one of the links below for more.

Artwork created using 4D Paint

Wardrobe Zombie

By Elise Tak (www.elisetak.com)

Forough Amirshahi Portrait

By Elise Tak (www.elisetak.com)


For further information be sure to check out the official help documentation.