What’s New 2.0

Release 2.0 is only for R21 onwards. All the plugins had to be updated and recompiled, including the creation of a new licencing system that is completely independent of Cinema 4D.

The core Plugins 4D Manager has been extended to allow for the new licensing and a brand new store is being created to handle the sales and licencing of the plugins.

Plugins are now licensed to your Maxon User Id. This means you can install the plugins on as many computers as you want and just use your Bundle Keys to activate the plugins when you sign into Cinema 4D. You only need to paste your keys once and C4D will remember them the next time you run C4D, even if you sign in/out. But the keys are locked to your User Id, so if someone else signs into the computer they will need their own keys for the plugins.

The plugins are available now.

The following video demonstrates how the new licensing system works.

Plugins 4D Manager Update

  • The Plugins 4D Manager is now used to handle all licencing of Bundles and Individual plugins.

  • When you purchase a Bundle you will be given a Bundle Key that is locked to your User Id.

  • You will need to enter this key into the “Bundle Key” field and your plugins will become available.

  • Once they show as available, with the orange plug icon, you can now restart Cinema 4D and your plugins will become active and be able to be used.

  • In addition to the Bundle Key there is also a Patreon Key. These are given to anyone who subscribes to www.patreon.com/plugins4d patreon page as a Alpha Plugin patron. This key will activate all the Alpha Plugins that you have installed.

  • Any new plugins from us can simply be placed into the same folder as all the other plugins and they will also appear in this new dialog.

  • You can use a Bundle Key and a Patreon Key at the same time.

  • Just note that if you have use a Pro Bundle Demo licence key then you will need to remove this when it expires if you wish to continue using the Patreon alpha plugins.

  • If you have the Pro Bundle and the Patreon keys active it will look something like the above image

Open the online store

  • Once you have the new core plugin installed, which is what contains the Plugins 4D Manager, you can purchase new plugins easily by just clicking on the “Purchase Licenses” button.

  • Pressing this button will automatically get your UserID for you and take you to the page where your userid will be part of the URL. This allows the store to create the licences for you.

  • Once on the store you can then purchase any number of individual licences for all of our plugins to fill in any gaps if you bought a bundle with only a small selection of plugins.