What’s New 1.9

These features are currently only available for R20 users.

R20 Plugins 4D Manager changes


For R20 the Plugins Manager has been changed to now reflect the plugins that you have on your system. This will indicate all the plugins that you have licensed via a Bundle as well as any individual plugins that you may have also purchased.

The Plugin Manager, and help files are now part of a Core Plugin which can be downloaded for free.

Note that this is already included directly in the Bundles. If you are a Bundle owner you do NOT need to download this plugin. Instead just update your bundle to 1.9.

R20 Individual Licencing

For R20 we have now also introduced individual licencing of our plugins. These can be purchased from each individual plugin page as well as the R20 Pricing page.

To keep track of what plugins you have installed, and what version they are, you can download the Core Plugin, which as mentioned above, contains the Plugins Manager.

R20 DICOM voLUME Creator

  • Available for individual purchase.

  • A new DICOM Volume Creator has been added to the DICOM plugin to allow easy import and meshing of number image sequences.

  • Works with any image type (.dcm, .tiff etc…) as long as it has sequenced numbers.

  • This is included as part of the R20 Pro Bundle.

  • Learn more.

R20 MegaScans Update

  • Now available for individual purchase.

  • Create a Mega Scans Tag that has all texture filenames for a megascan.

  • Drag and Drop Textures or Files fields from a Material onto a MegaScan Tag to assign the textures.

  • With a MegaScan Tag selected you can Right Click on a MegaScan in the MegaScan Dialog and choose Update Tag to change the textures for the material that tags is affecting. Allowing you to quickly change MegaScan textures in your scene.

  • Learn More

R20 Texture connections


R20 boundary First Flattening (Beta 0.1)

  • A new UV mapping plugin, currently in early beta.

  • Available for individual purchase at a discounted price due to it being in beta.

  • Also included in the R20 Basic and Pro Bundles.

  • Learn More

R20 Baking Ambient Occlusion

The GPU accelerated Ambient Occlusion baking system has now been updated to work with R20.