What’s New 1.8


Plugins 4D Manager for R20


Beginning with R20 we will also be including a new plugins manager to allow us to ship updates more easily.

In addition to the updates, if you find that there is a specific plugin that you want, and it’s not part of your bundle, then you will be able to purchase a licences just for that plugin and activate it through the plugin manager. Which you then down and install via the plugin manager.

In the above screen shot you can see that this user has the Pro Bundle, which activates every plugin that they have installed for that bundle.


  • Added VR preferences to set command ids for the thumb pad on both controllers. Use this to start/stop animations and more.

  • Improved the shader for better rendering of the texture colors

  • Improved support for uv mapping modes and settings (spherical, flat, tiling etc..)

  • Fixed the clipping issues on large scenes.

Material View changes


Layer View has been extracted from the Material View into its own dialog to allow for easier docking in new layouts


The commands from the Material View have been moved from the left hand side to a menu on the dialog itself, allowing for more space for working with UVs and easier docking into new layouts

With these changes it allows you more freedom to dock these windows wherever you need them.


  • New UDIM tab in the Material View to view all the UDIM textures on the currently selected object. Includes a refresh button to refresh textures if they get painted on.

  • UDIM importing from OBJ files no longer requires the Flip UVs Vertical feature to work. The Flip UVs Vertical feature has been removed since it is no longer required.

  • Fix for extracting seleted polygons into their own UDIM has been fixed when no scaling was required.

  • You can now zoom to the cursor, using your middle mouse wheel, in the UDIM tab and the Painting tab in the Material View.

Layer View


Additional Reflection Layer Textures: The layer view now supports all textures on the reflection channel, this includes the following.

  • Roughness

  • Reflection Strength

  • Specular Strength

  • Bump Strength

  • Fresnel

    • Fresnel Strength

    • Fresnel IOR

    • Fresnel Absorption

  • Cloth

    • Cloth Orientation

    • Cloth Scale U

    • Cloth Scale V

    • Cloth Highlights

    • Cloth Diffuse Warp

    • Cloth Diffuse Weft

    • Cloth Specular Warp

    • Cloth Specular Weft

Right Click Menu Changes

  • Rename Layer On All Materials: Rename this layer and also rename all the layers with the same name, for this channel, on all material on this model. Currently not supported for Reflection Channel.

  • Rename Single Layer: Renames the selected layer.

  • Add Layer Above: Add a new layer above the selected layer (If you want to add a named layer over all your materials on the current object then you can use the "Add Layer" menu command from the Material View).

  • Add Layer Below: Add a new layer below the selected layer.

Vector Graphics

Fixed issues with Distribute and Alignment tools on a Vector Canvas.

The temporary Paint Canvas is no longer added to the scene when using the Painting tab in the Material View.

4D Paint Preferences

Options to turn off the parsing of the content libraries, and user libraries, for the Content View.

Remapping Textures

New Remap Textures features have been added to a Canvas. Draw and drop objects onto a canvas, store their uvs, move and scale uvs on the canvas, then remap all textures on all layers, to a new materials with layers & textures having the dimensions of the canvas.

More information on this feature will come soon…

Fix for Prime, Visualize and Broadcast editions of C4D

The following features were missing from Visualize and Broadcast editions of C4D.

  • Distribute Commands

  • Paint Brush Standard

  • Draw Objects

  • Material View

  • UDIM Importing

PDF & PRC Exporting

Fix for flipped textures and missing textures in PRC files when viewed in some iOS and Android 3D PDF Readers.