What’s New 1.6

The main focus of the 1.6 release has been to improve painting and sculpting workflows, improvements and additions to the VR Viewer, a new Physics System and a simple Draw Objects tool for drawing primitives. We have also now enabled 4D Publish so that it can be used on all your Team Render Clients.



A new physics system, based on the Bullet Physics engine, has been added to all editions of 4D Publish. This allows all users the ability to easily create simple physics simulations, regardless of which version of Cinema 4D you have. 

The Physics System is also supported when exporting out to 3D PDF. You can easily create simulations and trigger them using a button on a PDF to play back the animation.



Using sculpted masks for painting

Using the Material View you can now copy a mask from a sculpted object onto a paint layer. You can either add it directly on the paint layers color, or you can add it to the paint layers mask. This allows you to re-use your sculpting masks for texture workflows.

In addition to using the mask you can also rasterize the sculpted layer offsets directly to a paint layer. Using this method you can use the sculpting detail from a sculpted layer to ensure you only paint over parts of the model that have been sculpted on.

Painting now Respecting Sculpt Masks

The Paint Brushes now also respect a sculpting mask when painting. This allows you to block out part of the mesh using the sculpting mask tools to ensure you do not paint over those parts of your model.


A lot of optimizations and multi-threading work has been done on the painting system to improve its overall painting speed and responsiveness. This leads to a smoother painting experience on higher resolution images 4k and up. 

Copy Canvas To StenciL

The Paint Brush now contains a one click button to convert the currently viewed Canvas in the Viewport to a Stencil on the brush. If you have used a Canvas during you sculpting session then you can now re-use this as a stencil with a single click, saving you the hassle of having to manually setup a Stencil that is in the same location.

Paint Modifier

A Paint Modifier can be added to any sculpting brush to paint while you sculpt.


Sculpt Projection Brush

A new Sculpting Brush has been added to that lets your project your sculpt object down onto an underlying object under the model. By adding a Cloth Collider Tag to any object, you can then use that object with the brush to project your detail onto. This allows you, as an example, to place a sphere where the eye of a character would be and then project the sculpting onto the sphere to create its shape for the eye.


VR Viewer 

There have been multiple improvements to the VR Viewer for HTC Vive. They include the following...

  • Improved rendering

  • Support for Object animation, including deformers and skinned characters

  • Add interactive buttons to your scenes to start and stop animations.

  • Pick up and inspect objects

  • Teleport around your scene


Draw Objects

A tool has been added to allow you to quickly draw in many of the procedural primitives directly into your scene. With an easy to use multi click and drag approach you can easily create a quick scene using many of the c4d primitives including the following...

  • Cube

  • Plane

  • Cylinder

  • Tube

  • Torus

  • Sphere

  • Capsule


Team Render Client Support

4D Publish can now be installed and used on as many Team Render Clients that you have. 

Full Change List


  • Apply Paint Modifier now works on OSX. Also now respects the modifiers Strength.

  • Fixed a slow down when changing layers


  • Material View now updates if you add, delete, rename or re-order layers using the BP layer manager.


  • Fix for adjusting the falloffs tangents on a paint brush dab.


  • Fixed a tool change bug that was affecting animation

  • Added Sculpt Projection Icon

  • Updated documentation


  • Optimizations for the Material View

  • Updated documentation for all new features.


  • Fixed refresh issues for Material View when changing the texture on a material channel.

  • Further multi-threading optimizations for painting and refreshing the material view.


  • Speed up improvements for painting inside single polygons


  • Added Bullet Physics System

  • Added Sculpting Projection Brush that uses a Sculpt Collider Tag on objects. The brush will then project the sculpt down onto the sculpt collider objects.

  • Sped up the Material View. All rendering of the materials and thumbnail layer images are done in a separate thread.

  • Added support for new Bullet Physics to 3D PDF exporting.



  • New: Pick up and inspect objects with your left controller and trigger button.

  • New: Teleport around your scene using your right controller and trigger button

  • New: Rendering the Left Eye only in the preview window

  • New: VR Object Tag

  • New: VR Tool Tag

  • Fixed: Height offset problem when starting based on the figures location.

  • Fixed: The overblown specular hightlights


A release to help improved workflows for working between sculpted objects and painting. Includes features to bring sculpted details and mask from your sculpt objects onto texture layers to allow you to paint just where you have sculpted. More information below...

Material View

  • Added a new Sculpting Section

    • Fill Sculpt Layer: Copy the Sculpting data from the currently active sculpt layer on the sculpt object onto a paint layer or paint mask.

    • Fill Sculpt Mask: Copy the Sculpting Mask from the currently active sculpt layer on the sculpt onto a paint layer or paint mask.

  • Right Click on Layers

    • Delete All Same Named Layers

    • Delete Single Layer

    • Show Layer Manager

  • Right Click in Material Tab

    • Show Layer Manager

    • Show Color Settings

Material View Bug Fixes

  • Creating Displacement Map Channel now creates a 8bit RGB image instead of an 8bit Grey Scale.

  • Fill Commands: These now work only on the currently selected channel in the Material View.

Content View

  • Increased the thumbnail resolution for images to 512x512


  • Added Undo/Redo support for the Octane Live View for painting.

Paint Brush

  • Now respects the Mask on a Sculpted Object. It will not paint where there is a mask.

  • Now respects hidden polygons.

  • Stencil Tab now has a command "Set From Canvas". This will set the stencil to be exactly the same as the Canvas that is displayed in the Viewport. A canvas can be used to overlay an image which is useful when sculpting. But previously you would have to recreate the image again in using the Stencil Tab, this new option will make the Stencil be the same as the Canvas, you can then remove the canvas it self and use the Paint Brush to apply the texture.

Team Render Client Support

  • You can now use 4D Publish on all your Team Render Clients. No additional licences required.