Vector Graphics Overview

Design 2D Images and 3D PDF Pages using the new Vector Graphics System. 

Note: This plugin is also included in the 4D Paint and 4D Publish bundles.


A full set of Vector Graphics drawing and editing tools. Draw shapes, fill using C4D shaders, use as textures on objects and animate to have visually changing textures.


A full set of tools is available that will be familiar to anyone who has ever used a vector graphics drawing program.

Each tool has many different hotkeys available to help draw, align, group and work with your shapes efficiently.

  • Selections
  • Move
  • New Canvas
  • Shapes
  • Alignment Tools
  • Distribution Tools
  • Booleans
  • Move Back/Front/Backwards/Forwards
  • Group/Ungroup

Shapes are objects in C4D

Every shape is represented as a node in the Object Manager. And every setting can be fully animated in your scene via the Attribute Manager for each shape.


Use any image or shader as a background image for your shapes or your entire canvas.


The Vector Graphics System is fully supported for animation. You can animate any of the parameters on the shapes.  Visualise the animation on 3D objects using the Vector Image Shader.

Vector Image shader

Render Vector Images and Pages on 3D objects using the Vector Image Shader.

  • Just add a Vector Image Shader to your material.

  • Drag a canvas or page onto the shader.

  • On the material go to the Editor tab and enable "Animate Preview".

  • You can now scrub the animation, press play or render the animated vector image.

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For further information be sure to check out the official help documentation.