UDIM Workflows

A new one click system has been added to easily load in all the textures exported from Mari and create a new material for each UDIM found. What would normally take hours to do manually (and sometimes can't be done at all using C4D alone) can now be done in seconds.


  • Load in your 3D file.

  • Make sure the object you imported is selected in the Object Manager in C4D

  • Open up the Material View from the Plugins 4D menu.

  • From the UDIM Material menu choose Setup UDIMs for Object.

  • Select a texture in the folder that contains all your named UDIM textures that were exported from Mari.

  • Press Setup Selected to do the following

    • Create a new material for each UDIM

    • Create a selection tag for the UVs for each UDIM and assign it to the material

    • Load in all the textures from the folder and assign them to the correct channel on the UDIM.


For further information be sure to check out the official help documentation.