UDIM Workflows

A new one click system has been added to easily load in all the textures exported from Mari and create a new material for each UDIM found. What would normally take hours to do manually (and sometimes can't be done at all using C4D alone) can now be done in seconds.


Step 1: Import your 3D File

  • Load in your 3D file.
  • Next open up the Material View and use the Flip UVs button to correctly setup the UDIMs so that they are correct in the Y axis. 

Step 2: Setup UDims for Object 

  • Make sure the object you imported is selected.
  • Press the 'Setup UDIM's for Object' button on the Material View.
  • Select a texture in the folder that contains all your named UDIM textures that were exported from Mari. 
  • Press Setup Selected to do the following
    • Create a new material for each UDIM
    • Create a selection tag for the UVs for each UDIM and assign it to the material
    • Load in all the textures from the folder and assign them to the correct channel on the UDIM.

Step3 : Paint

  • In the Material View right click on one of the new materials and select "Paint All".
  • Select a paint brush and start painting .

Additional Videos

Note: This is an older video from a previous product which has a slightly different UI, but the workflow is still the same. This video goes over in more detail how to export texture channels from Mari before loading into Cinema 4D.