Bullet Physics

A Physics System has been added to give simulation abilities to all Cinema 4D and BodyPaint users. This system is based on the Bullet Physics engine.


R20 Individual Licence

Individual plugin licences are now available for R20.

Step 1: add a Rigid Body Tag

Right Click on any object to add a 4D Publish Rigid Body tag.

step 2: select your collision type

From the Collision Type drop down select the collision shape that you wish to use. By default it will choose the following based on the geometry

  • Automatic: Chooses the most appropriate collision type based on your object.

  • Cube: A cube shape around the bounding box of the object.

  • Sphere: A sphere around the bounding box of the object. Or if its a sphere object it will use its radius.

  • Cylinder: A cylinder shape.

  • Capsule: A capsule shape.

  • Convex Hull: Builds a convex hull around the object that closely fits its shape.

  • Static Floor: Creates an endless plane collision object. This is static and can’t be moved. Use a plane or floor object with this type to set the floor.

  • Static Mesh :Uses the exact geometry of the object. This object is static and can not be moved. It is able to have holes within its geometry. It also supports compound objects by including all its child objects in the mesh shape.

Step 3: Place your objects

  • You must first ensure that you are at the start frame of your animation, ie frame 0. You can only edit the position of objects when you are at this time.

  • Now you can move your objects around in your scene.

  • The Physics Simulation will start as soon as you press play.

  • You can animate the "Enable" option to tell objects when to start simulating.

  • Set your object to "Dynamics Off" to manually animate an object in the scene but have it collide with all other simulated objects.

  • Set a custom Mass or let it calculate it for you based on its real world volume.

  • Set an initial velocity and rotation. Use in conjunction with the Enabled flag to trigger objects so they are immediately moving in your scene.

  • Set the friction on objects to stop them sliding around

  • Includes support for Array objects.

  • 4D Publish owners can also export out to 3D PDF.

Set an initial velocity for your objects .

Set an initial velocity for your objects .


For further information be sure to check out the official help documentation.