Sculpt Projection Brush

A new Sculpting Brush has been added that lets you project your sculpt object onto another object in your scene. By adding a Sculpt Collider Tag to any object, you can use that object, with the brush, to project your detail onto. This allows you, as an example, to place a sphere where the eye of a character would be and then project the sculpting onto the sphere to create its shape for the eye.

Requires the Sculpting System which is included in C4D Studio or BodyPaint 3D


Step 1: Add Sculpt Collider Tags

  • Add a Sculpt Collider Tag to the objects you want to project your sculpting onto.

  • Position the object at the location you require it in your Sculpt Object

STep 2: Sculpt Onto your model

  • Select the Sculpt Projection Brush

  • Start Sculpting onto your sculpt object.

  • As you sculpt, the geometry will be projected onto the objects that have a Sculpt Collider Tag applied to them.


For further information be sure to check out the official help documentation.