R21 Upgrades

You can upgrade from any R17, R18 or R19 4D Publish edition to any of the new R21 bundles.

You can also upgrade from your current edition of R20 Bundle to the corresponding R21 bundle.

Upgrades are 50% off the full purchase price.

To qualify for an upgrade you will need to supply us with the information below. This will also require you to enter in your Maxon User ID. If you do not now how to get this then please visit the Maxon User ID page for more info.

Once you have filled in the information you can proceed to the store to purchase your upgrade.

The upgrades will be locked to your specific Maxon User ID. So please ensure this is correct before proceeding.

If you have purchased an R20 product in the last 6 months then you will receive a free upgrade to R21. Please contact us via our support page, include the same details specified below of your purchase and your new R21 User ID.

For the following please use the latest version that you have an official licence key for.
For example, if you have been provided with a free update to R20 then use this serial number and licence key.

What Cinema 4D version are you upgrading from.

What product version are you upgrading from. Again please choose the latest version that you have an official licence for.