Quadriflow (Alpha 0.1)


Quadriflow is a plugin based on the open source Quadriflow library on Github. 


To use the plugin you must have a Polygon Object selected. Then select the Quadriflow option from the Plugins 4D menu. 

You can also select the cog wheel next to the button to try out additional options and resolutions.

Note that the button in the main menu defaults to all options disabled with faces set to 1000.

The above gif shows using it with the sculpting toolset, applying a flood smooth after using Quadriflow with the "Preserve Sharp" option enabled.

There is currently no multi-threading in this build, but it will come in a future version as well as CUDA support.

Available for OSX and Windows for R21

Download now available to Alpha Plugin tier patrons.

You can also get the plugin in the Alpha Plugins product from the R21 Store.