R20 Jet Fluids (Alpha 0.4)

This plugin is available for all Alpha Patrons who have Cinema 4D R20.

To use just download the zip file and unzip it into your plugins folder. It will then appear in a Jet Fluids menu at the top of Cinema 4D.

It is not recommended to use this plugin in production since it will be undergoing changes. Also be aware that the file format may change and any existing scenes may not load in future versions, but we will do our best to ensure they do.

Jet Fluids is based on the Jet Framework developed by Doyub Kim.

Available for OSX and Windows for R20.

This plugin is currently being developed to test out the Jet Framework. It will not be feature complete for quite some time and is only being worked on part time.

You can support its development by becoming a Patron.

This video goes over how to install the Jet Fluids plugin for Cinema 4D and how to get started using it. This video was created using Jet Fluids Alpha 0.1.

This video demonstrates how you can render the Jet Fluids particles using either Thinking Particles or a MoGraph Cloner object. This Video was created using Jet Fluids Alpha 0.2.

Version History

Alpha 0.4

  • Windows Speed Up (10x faster using Intel TBB)

  • Added Grid - Smoke simulation option

  • Caching frames externally to disk

  • Now also creates OpenVDB volumes (and .vdb files when cached to disk).

Alpha 0.3

  • Fix for rendering when using a MoGraph Cloner in multi-instance mode.

  • Now supports correct rotation and scale of emitters and colliders.

  • You can now animate procedural shaped Emitters and Colliders.

    • Be aware that if you have animated emitters or colliders in your scene that you should not move them during caching otherwise it will pick up the change and alter the simulation.

Alpha 0.2

  • Fixed the issues where Hybrid methods required a Collider object. You no longer need to add a collider object to these simulations for it to work.

  • Fluid Display Tab now has an addition option Create Thinking Particles: When enabled it will create the thinking particles that can be used for rendering. When unchecked it deletes the thinking particles group.

  • You can now render Fluid particles by using a MoGraph cloner and multi-instances.

  • Fixed up issues related to rendering using Team Render.

Alpha 0.1

Initial Release