R20 Core Plugin 1.9

This plugin is only for Individual Licence owners. If you have a bundle then this will already be included.


The Core Plugin is a free plugin that is used to help you manage your individual licences for R20.

It will add a menu to C4D called “Plugins 4D” where all your active plugins will add their items to.

From this menu you can open the Plugins 4D Manager. This will list all the plugins you have downloaded, if they are part of a Bundle, the version number and if they are currently active.

If a plugin is not shown as active, and you have a licence key for it, then you should add it to the Help->Personalize Dialog in C4D and it will then show up with the symbol in the Avail column.

From the Plugins 4D menu you will also have access to the Help via the Show Help menu item.

The Help files are also part of the Core Plugin and when the help is update a new Core Plugin will be announced for download.