Content View

This dialog will display all the textures in the libraries that you have installed. Single click to use as a stencil or stamp for painting and sculpting, load in Quixel MegaScans, use 360 and HDR textures with Texture Connections to easily swap out textures used for environment maps.


Content Browser, STamps and Stencils

The content browser, stamp and stencil tabs have been designed to allow you to easily set stencils and stamps for both sculpting and painting. You can also drag the textures and apply them anywhere in C4D that accepts images. 

Single click to set the active brush's Stamp image. Ctrl+Click to set the Stencil image on the brush. Or alternatively right click and select from a drop down menu.

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop the images on to any texture link on a material, or directly into the Material View window to copy it to a specific body paint layer.

HDR and 360 Texture Connections

These two tabs are used with the Texture Connection Tags. By click on any of these images it will set the Texture Connection Tags to use the selected image.

Use as Stamps and Stencils

Click to use any image as a Stamp, or Ctrl+Click to use as a Stencil. Or select from the right click menu. Works when you have a Sculpting or Painting brush active.

Features Overview

  • View all the images and textures in all the Standard Libraries that ship with Cinema 4D.
  • Two custom tabs that you can use to put in your own stencils and stamps. For images to appear in these tabs you simply add the folder where these are located to the 4D Publish Preferences.
  • Single Click on any image to set the Paint Brush Stamp. If you have a sculpting brush active then this will set the Stamp on that sculpt brush.
  • Ctrl+Single Click on any image to set the Paint Brush Stencil. If you have a sculpting brush active then this will set the Stencil on that sculpt brush.
  • Double Click to open the image in the Picture Viewer.
  • Right Click and choose “Use as Stamp” or “Use as Stencil”. This will set the stencil or stamp on your current sculpt brush or paint brush.
  • Drag and Drop onto a Material on the Material View to fill the currently active Layer, on that material, with the texture.
  • Drag and Drop into the BP Texture Viewer to open as a texture.
  • Drag and Drop into the BP Material tab to create a new material with this texture in its color channel.