Preparing for R20 and the future of 4D Publish

Work is currently underway to bring the 4D Publish toolset to R20. However due to significant changes in the Maxon SDK it has been decided to break apart the features into separate plugins.

From R20 onwards, 4D Publish will only contain the 3D PDF features and workflows. It will be reverting back to what its original purpose was, which is to concentrate on publishing/exporting content from C4D to various platforms.

However we will still be supporting existing 4D Publish users for R17, R18 and R19. But these versions will only be getting some of the features and improvements going forward. This is due to requiring a completely separate code base for R20 development, and moving features back into previous editions is a slow manual process. Also some features developed for R20 onwards may only be able to be used in R20, such as adding support for OpenVDB and other features.

If you are an existing 4D Publish owner and move to R20, then you will get access to all the plugins for R20 that correspond to the features in the edition of 4D Publish that you have. 

Most recently work has been done to improve the UDIM support and painting features of 4D Publish. This itself will be moved into a plugin called 4D Paint. Below is a video demonstrating the most recent additions and changes. These will all be brought across to 4D Publish for R17, R18 and R19 users as soon as the R20 release has been finished. But 4D Paint will no longer be included as part of 4D Publish from R20 onwards.

I am excited for the future of these products and am looking forward to creating new workflows and tools to help you produce amazing content.

Best Regards,