1.9.4 Update

This is just a small update to add support for a few little extras to MegaScans, VR and Texture Connections.

  • Redshift now works with Texture Connections. You can now drag and drop a Redshift texture Filename onto a TexCon tag.

  • Redshift + MegaScans Tag. You can now drag and drop a Redshift texture Filename onto a MegaScans tag.

  • MegaScans Plants Support

  • VR Texture Tag has been added. Add this to any object to set the sampling resolution for the material channels for that object.

  • UDIM Importer renamed "Specular Color" channel to Roughness. Now imports into the roughness texture of a Beckman layer.

  • Added "Match Material Names" option to the UDIM importer. More information on this particular feature will come soon in a future post accompanied by a video.

This update is for R20 users only. You can download using your existing R20 or Individual Download links. You can also download the R20 Pro Bundle demo, since this contains all the updates also.

R20 1.9.3 Update

This is a small update to fix an issue where the Distribution Tools were missing from Vector Graphics system. These have now been re-added and will appear in the 4D Publish and Vector Layouts.

Documentation for these features can be found in the Vector Graphics section of the documentation.


Download the new build today using your existing download link, or alternatively download the R20 Pro Bundle Demo and replace your existing installation with this.

This update is currently only available to R20 users.

R20 1.9.2 Update

A new release has just been uploaded. This includes the following changes…

  • Fixes for 4D Paint, 4D Publish and Vector Graphics. These include stability an refresh fixes that some users were experiencing when used in conjunction with plugins from other developers.

  • A fix for the “Use Falloff” option on the 4D Paint sculpting based Paint Brush.

Download the new build today using your existing download link, or alternatively download the R20 Pro Bundle Demo and replace your existing installation with this.

This update is currently only available to R20 users.

R20 1.9 Update

There is a new 1.9 update now available for R20 Bundle users.

To download just use the same link that was emailed to you when you purchased.

Alternatively you could download the R20 Pro Demo again, since the Demo version is the same as the official version, it just uses a different licence key.

Visit the following page to find out what’s new.

Free Update To R20

If you are an existing owner of the 4D Publish product then you are eligible for a free update to the R20 bundles.

  • 4D Publish Basic users will get the Basic Bundle.

  • 4D Publish Standard users will be upgraded to the Pro Bundle since we have discontinued the standard bundle.

  • 4D Publish Pro users will get the Pro Bundle

Also note that the PDF publishing is now only available in the Pro Bundle. This is also why the Standard Edition users have been upgraded to Pro.

Get in touch with support and send us the first 11 digits of your R20 serial number and we will send you a new license key and instructions on how to download.

1.8 Released for R17, R18 and R19. And a new Demo version.

We are happy to announce that the 1.8 update has gone live for the R17, R18 and R19 editions. All existing users can download the latest update using the links that were emailed when originally purchased. If you don’t have the link then contact support and we will re-activate your download for you.

Along with the update we have also released a Demo version of the 4D Publish Pro Edition. This is a 14 day trial with no restrictions.

R20 is in the final stages of testing and will be released shortly. All existing users will be upgraded, for free, to the appropriate version.

Just a small note that the baking features have not yet been ported to R20, but will come in time.

Thank you to all our customers and we look forward to supporting you with more features going forward.

Best Regards,


Website Changes

As we prepare for the upcoming release for R20 we will be reworking parts of the website and also going through a name change.

The features are going to be grouped into different categories, primarily to help separate out the different features that we have. Namely 4D Paint and 4D Publish for painting related features and pdf publishing features respectively. Other plugins will also be reorganised.

We will also be updating the Pricing page to reflect some new offerings for R20. The current editions for R17, R18 and R19 will stay as they are.

The next release will be 1.8, which will contain fixes for R17, R18, R19 and will also be part of the soon to be released R20 plugins.

So stay tuned and keep an eye out for the changes!

Best Regards,


Preparing for R20 and the future of 4D Publish

Work is currently underway to bring the 4D Publish toolset to R20. However due to significant changes in the Maxon SDK it has been decided to break apart the features into separate plugins.

From R20 onwards, 4D Publish will only contain the 3D PDF features and workflows. It will be reverting back to what its original purpose was, which is to concentrate on publishing/exporting content from C4D to various platforms.

However we will still be supporting existing 4D Publish users for R17, R18 and R19. But these versions will only be getting some of the features and improvements going forward. This is due to requiring a completely separate code base for R20 development, and moving features back into previous editions is a slow manual process. Also some features developed for R20 onwards may only be able to be used in R20, such as adding support for OpenVDB and other features.

If you are an existing 4D Publish owner and move to R20, then you will get access to all the plugins for R20 that correspond to the features in the edition of 4D Publish that you have. 

Most recently work has been done to improve the UDIM support and painting features of 4D Publish. This itself will be moved into a plugin called 4D Paint. Below is a video demonstrating the most recent additions and changes. These will all be brought across to 4D Publish for R17, R18 and R19 users as soon as the R20 release has been finished. But 4D Paint will no longer be included as part of 4D Publish from R20 onwards.

I am excited for the future of these products and am looking forward to creating new workflows and tools to help you produce amazing content.

Best Regards,

Its Tutorial Creation Time

We are starting to ramp up the creation of new tutorial videos for 4D Publish.

Make sure to check out our Vimeo page to see all the new videos that are being created.

As we are creating them we are also adding them to the Tutorials sections, embedding them onto the feature specific pages on the website and posting them on twitter and facebook.

So don't forget to come back regularly and have a look around.

There are lots more videos to come...



Special Features

4D Publish 1.7.5 HotFix

We would like to advise you to download the latest update for 4D Publish.

This build contains an important fix regarding a painting Canvas object. It caused a warning dialog stating that a 'Canvas' plugin was missing, when sharing scenes with users who did not have 4D Publish installed.

This is not a serious issue and will not cause any harm. But we felt it was important to fix this for you as soon as possible. Especially if you are sharing scenes on TurboSquid or with other users.

However due to this change the "Painting (Beta)" Tab in the Material View will currently be disabled. We are working to get this feature back in as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We have also fixed an update problem when animating 2D shapes on a Canvas and dragging in the Time Slider to see the animation. Previously the Vector Editor was not updating when dragging. This has now also been fixed.

You can download the latest update using your existing download links. These will be live for another 30 days.

Best Regards,
The GameLogicDesign Team.