Boundary First Flattening

A plugin that brings the open source UV Mapping project Boundary First Flattening to Cinema 4D.

Easily unwrap your models with minimal UV distortion.

To use the plugin you must have a Polygon Object selected.

Available for OSX and Windows for R20, R21, S22, R23 and S24.


OSX support has now been added for R20, R21, S22, R23 and S24.

Intel TBB support has been added for both OSX and Windows to add multi-threading of certain operations. This has lead to a speed up of the algorithm. More multi-threading work will be done in future to increase the performance.

The Intel MKL and Intel TBB libraries are also being used on OSX, leading to a significant speed up for the algorithm.

Using the BFF plugin

Available from the "Plugins 4D" menu.

Press the BFF command to run the automatic mapping. Or open the settings to run Disk or Map To Sphere.


Meshes that do not have disk or sphere topology will be automatically cut for flattening. In this case pressing the Disk or Map To Sphere button may just result in the same uv mapping as the Automatic button.

Note that the point ordering of the mesh may change during mapping.