4D Publish

The leading 3D PDF publishing solution for Cinema 4D.

Design PDF Pages with the new Vector Graphics System. Present products, 3d creations, booth designs, architecture, instruction manuals, CAD, fly throughs and more...

Secure your documents with Password Protection and User Permissions.

Bring your content alive with camera and object animations controlled by the viewer.

Scene from Beeple (www.beeple-crap.com)

Scene from Beeple (www.beeple-crap.com)


  • Vector Graphics Page Designer

  • Create interactive 3D PDF documents with animations and camera movements.

  • Allow user to change lighting and shading using buttons.

  • Takes support to hide and show 3D models using buttons.

  • Secure documents with Passwords and User Permissions.

  • Export all geometry and textures from Cinema 4D into a compact PDF document.

  • Build presentations, product design, architectural previz, interactive training material and more.

  • Viewable by anyone using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Vector Graphics page designer

Use the Vector Graphics system to design the look of your PDF page, add buttons to control animations, cameras and switch between takes, save multiple pages and also author multiple PDF documents directly in your scene.

Please note that this video is an early Sneek Peek video of the features in 4D Publish 1.5. New videos will be created in future. 

Also the UI and Workflow for applying Cameras and Takes is different in this video to the final release. The final release works with a Drag and Drop system.

This sped up video shows how you can easily create an interactive 3D PDF document, directly in Cinema 4D, in just a couple of minutes. Note: This video is running at 2x speed and has no sound.

Quick 3D PDF Export

If you need something exported quickly and do not need animation or any of the Visual Page Designing features then you can use the general PDF exporter.

  • From the File menu choose PDF as your export type.

  • The scene will then be exported out to a PDF document with the 3D content embedded on a page.

Password Protection and User Permissions

Securely protect your content by adding password protection and user permissions.

Password Protect your files so that only people with the password can open and view the content.

Additionally, or alternatively, you can apply user permissions to a file to restrict the user from being able to copy or change any of the content in the 3D view.

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4D Publish comes with the following plugins and features. Click on one of the following links below to read more…

Download Sample PDF Files

Download and preview some example scenes exported from Cinema 4D. Unzip the pdf from the file and view in Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Some examples scenes from users converted to 3D PDF documents.


For further information be sure to check out the official help documentation.