4D Paint now Pay What You Want

Available for users of Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D versions R17, R18 and R19.

A bIT of history

4D Paint started out as a way to see if the Sculpting SDK could be combined with the BodyPaint SDK to deliver a new painting system to allow for real time projection of Stencils and Stamps.

This system had to push the limits of what both the sculpting system and the bodypaint system could do. And it turned out to be very successful.

There had been a lot of talk for many years that C4D users wanted a bodypaint update. So as a test to see if this was really true I decided to release this to see if users actually wanted it. And it turns out that the answer is no. Which was what I thought it would be, since many users would have already moved on to other solutions (Mari, Substance, Mudbox, 3D Coat etc…). But for me personally I didn’t own any of those products and decided to keep adding features just for myself, and for everyone who bought 4D Paint.

Over the last couple of years many features were added due to specific workflows that I myself required as well those requested by other users of the 4D Publish product. Including painting with stencils, stamps and canvas’s, multi-material painting, support for multi-channel painting, a UDIM system, layer views, material views and many features for the brushes themselves to support everything the sculpting system could provide as well as a paint brush for those users who don’t have the sculpting system, utilising a vector graphics canvas for a stencil. I also collaborated with OTOY and Ahmet Oktar to add support for realtime updating of textures directly in to the Octane Render plugin, a thank you to Ahmet for taking the time for that.

Which is where we end up today. With a product that has a lot of features and amazing potential, but still lacks a couple of key features and polish.

I would have loved to work full time on this and add more, bringing it up to the same standard as other products. But sadly there were not enough sales of this painting technology, which as I said before was to be expected given the market shift over the years.

Why the sudden change

I believe the sales cycle for 4D Paint in its current incarnation has reached its maximum sales potential. Customers who wanted a new BodyPaint workflow have already bought it, and I thank you all and hope the product is useful in your pipelines.

Rather than keep it as it is and not work on it I instead decided to release it under a Pay What You Want model so that everyone who has wanted to try it, but didn’t want to pay the full amount, can now do so.

If this payment model happens to generate enough interest to allow for full time work again, then I will happily dedicate my time to improving this product. But until then I will be focusing on other products and plugins here at Plugins 4D.

What do I get?

If you purchase the 4D Paint Pay What You Want edition then you will get access to the 4D Paint and Vector Graphics features. There are no limitations on these plugins at all, they will contain all the features. Note that it does not included Texture Connections.

In R17, R18 and R19 these features are combined into a single plugin called 4D Publish. Your download file will be 4DPublish.zip and when you install and licence it you will see it in Cinema 4D under a 4D Publish menu. Don’t forget to also install the layouts so you can use the Vector Graphics features.

What don’t I get?

No Updates

There will be no updates.

No new serial numbers

There will be no new serial numbers if you upgrade to another version of Cinema 4D. Instead you can just purchase it again at whatever price suits you.

No Support

There will be no support for this product. But we have extensive documentation and videos right here on this site that go over all the features. If you wish to receive support then consider purchasing one of the official versions.

Will it be released for R20?

At the moment there are no plans to release under this payment model for R20. But we may do so next year if there is enough interest from users.

A Final thank you

Thank you to all the customers who bought 4D Paint, whether it was know as C4D Paint, UV Paint, as part of 4D Publish or in one of the new Bundles here at Plugins 4D. If you are an existing customer you will continue to receive updates, but I can’t guarantee there will be any, and you will still receive support.


4D Paint

Pay What You Want Edition

Available now for R17, R18 and R19